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OBC Results


Ottawa Bird Count Presentation May 2014:

This presentation summarizes some of the results so far: occurrence of specific bird species, population estimates and the projected densities of certain birds. Ottawa Bird Count - What Have We Learned So Far?(download pdf)

International Collaboration with OBC Results:

The Ottawa Bird Count has been involved in an international collaboration of ecological scientists. Here is the first of the papers that use the Ottawa Bird Count data: Cities Harbor 20 Percent of World's Bird Species (Link to abstract here.).


OBC Predicted Density Maps:

Twenty-eight maps of the more common bird species showing the predicted density of these species across the study area (view online or download a pdf).

Urban Ecosystems, March 2013, Scientific Paper (using OBC data):

This scientific paper titled "Similar effects of residential and non-residential vegetation on bird diversity in suburban neighbourhoods" written by Adam C. Smith, Charles M. Francis, Lenore Fahrig provides some interesting evidence showing that every bit of green matters to Ottawa's bird community. Please email the OBC Coordinator for a copy of the full article.


Preliminary Results of the OBC Point Count Program:

The Presentation at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden in May 2009 discussed the goals of the program, what has been learned so far and what is next for the initiative. Link to download the presentation slides. (Warning! this is a large pdf file ~20 Mb).

You can also read a summary of the OBC Point Count Program Results for 2007 and 2009 in the spring 2009 issue of the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club newsletter Trail and Landscape. Contact the Club for copies of the Spring 2009 Issue.

2007 - 2009

OBC Point Count Observations - Data Text File (.csv):

If you'd like to access the data you can dowload a text file here (.csv) that includes all of the observations in the point count database from 2007 - 2009.

2007 - 2008

OBC Point Count Route Results (first two years):

Results include a Summary Table of total observations for both species and individuals (inside the 75 metre Points), Abundence and Species Richness maps and 15 Individual Species maps (that include both observations inside and outside 75 metre Points). All available here.


OBC Census Plot Program - First Season Results:

Link to Google Map KMZ layer that displays the results from the first season. Includes the percentage of the census plot that is developed (paved and/or covered by buildings), the three most commonly observed species and the average number observed and any notable species observed.


OBC Point Count Location Files:

For those with ArcGIS, here's a shapefile of the point count locations.

AND, here's a kmz file of the point count locations that can be imported into Google Earth (download the program Google Earth at


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