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GLEL Printing Services
We offer convenient, high-quality poster printing right here on campus! Unlike our competitors, we use only UV resistant ink, so the poster won't fade from sunlight. Our printer is capable of photo quality prints, and we can also provide large-format prints on draft-quality paper for projects that don't require a glossy poster paper.

When you have your poster ready, email the file to Dan Bert. We will confirm that we have received your poster, and discuss any time or delivery considerations you may require.

We can generally provide same day or next day service. During busy times (for example honour's poster day) in late March and early April, we highly recommend you book your time in advance. If possible, we would appreciate an email a few days before you send us the poster so we can schedule the printer most efficiently.

For more information, contact Dan Bert.

Poster Prices:
Standard poster sizes on photo gloss paper using UV resistant ink (48x42 inches): $72.00 each**
Any other size, please email.

**get a 25% discount with a group order of 4 or more posters (ie. print 3 get 1 free) - get together with friends, and save!**
Poster Formatting:
Our printer is capable of a maximum dimension of 42" on one side: standard poster size is generally 48x42 or 42x48 inches (but check with the conference you are attending to be sure).

We strongly recommend producing a pdf file of your poster, so all the colours/fonts remain consistent on our system. For a simple tutorial to produce a pdf file from your powerpoint (office 1997-2003) file, click here. If using office 2007, install service pack 2 or above and pdf will then be a NATIVE file format and you can produce a pdf directly. If it is simply not possible to produce a pdf, please ensure all fonts are common and true-type: remember - if we do not have a specialty font on our computer, your poster will not print correctly!
Known issues: We have had issues with omnigraffe and sigmaplot figures/plots when they are embedded directly into a powerpoint slide, even when a pdf is produced from the powerpoint slide. The pdf will 'look' fine but will not print correctly. Instead of copy/paste directly from the originating software package, we recommend saving the file to a high resolution/high quality jpeg and then importing the jpeg into the powerpoint slide. This seems to cure the corruption in the slide. We have had similar issues with complex transparency settings in powerpoint.
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