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Scott Mitchell
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Scott Mitchell

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I joined GLEL in 2005, and am now a co-director, with most of my graduate students working in the facility. My research interests include a variety of spatial analysis techniques to assist with environmental decision making. More specifically, I have been working on uncertainty in land cover classification, measurement and modelling of primary productivity, and characterization of landscape pattern.


Current and recent projects include:

  • Impacts of the composition and configuration of crop production land on biodiversity in the surrounding landscape (joint NSERC Strategic Project by all 4 co-directors)
  • Measurement and modelling of spatio-temporal patterns of native grassland primary productivity
  • Crop productivity and impacts of drought
  • Spatial patterns of soil moisture
  • Spatial patterns of wildlife mortality on roads
  • Assessing and mapping variable confidence in land cover classifications
    • British Columbia and Northern Ontario forests
    • Eastern Ontario mixed land cover
I can be contacted by email (preferred: scott.mitchell at or phone (+1 613 520 2600 ext 2695).

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