Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory Wednesday, 21 October 2020 3:59 am  
Keith Munro
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Keith Munro


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I’m a MSc. candidate co-supervised by Dr. Lenore Fahrig of Carleton University and Dr. Jeff Bowman of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. My interest revolves around how roads effect the distribution of white-tailed deer. Specifically I’m looking at the relationship between road density and deer abundance. As North America has been developed for agriculture white-tailed deer have thrived due to a decrease in predator numbers (mainly wolves), an increase in suitable habitat (deer make heavy use of forest edges and fields) and a major source of supplemental nutrition (from crops). The exploding deer populations have become a serious source of concern with impacts on both the environment and humans. Hopefully my research will better improve our understanding of how deer interact with the landscape we have created for them.
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