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Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Adam C. Smith


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I’m a PhD candidate, co-supervised by Lenore Fahrig and Charles Francis of the Canadian Wildlife Service.


Research Interests:

I’m currently working on two questions:
  1. What features of the surrounding landscape most strongly influence avian biodiversity and how scale dependent are those relationships?
  2. What ecological processes affect a species’ scale of response to the amount of habitat in the landscape?
  3. How can urban development be managed to provide habitat for birds alongside people?
Other interests:

  • Scale
  • Animal Movement
  • Reconciliation Ecology
  • Citizen Science
  • Canoeing
  • Ottawa Breeding Bird Count - a scientifically rigorous, volunteer based, survey of the Ottawa area to study the effects of urban development on avian biodiversity
    • This project is currently in the early stages of survey design and volunteer recruitement.  If you're interested in being involved, please send me an email.





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