Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory Wednesday, 21 October 2020 3:40 am  
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Glenn Cunnington

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I am a PhD Candidate working with Dr. Lenore Fahrig.

My Research

The spread of urban centres has resulted in the creation of an anthropogenic landscape that can have large effects on the natural environment.  One such effect is the considerable levels of anthropogenic noise in urban sites. Anthropogenic noise can be harmful to animals and may interfere with behaviours including feeding, migration and reproduction. The most significant impact of noise to animal life is the systematic reduction of usable habitat.


My PhD is based on the idea that anthropogenic noise has a negative impact on the vocalization based reproductive system of amphibians. With one third of amphibian species declining globally, reduction in breeding success due to anthropogenic noise may represent an unknown source of decline. If anthropogenic noise is present at a given breeding site, male vocalizations may become lost in the noise. My work will determine if traffic noise causes amphibians to cease calling or alter the characteristics of their vocalizations. I will also ascertain if increases in noise levels result in a decrease in reproductive success for amphibians.
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