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Scott Mitchell - Grad Opportunities
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Scott Mitchell

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I have supervised, and am generally interested in supervising, graduate students in the following broad project areas:
  • biogeochemical modelling and soil moisture in grassland environments
  • forecasting and monitoring heat stress, drought, or other climate-related risks in agricultural settings
  • integration of earth observation datasets from dispersed sources
  • effects of spatial heterogeneity on environmental function
  • uncertainty analysis in land use / land cover mapping
  • spatial partitioning strategies for environmental modelling
  • decision support systems / scenario development using GIS and environmental models
  • GIS software development for any of the above projects, using open source GIS and open standards

At any specific time, my ability to supervise more graduate students depends on the progress of my existing students, and current funding opportunities to support research projects.



NOTE - As of Sep 2016, I have a full complement of incoming and existing graduate students, and cannot consider more supervisions until some have graduated.

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