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2013 Ottawa Bird Density Maps are available for viewing in the Map Gallery.

Chirps, Tweets, and Trills will be offered again in 2016: Bird Song - Point Count Course.

If you would like to be involved for the 2016 field season, send us an email!

Anyone can take part in our field surveys, even if you're a new birder!

Where do we operate? Check out our study area.

We would like to make our site and information bilingual! If you can help with translating, let us know.


Ottawa Bird Count

A Volunteer Based, Scientifically Rigorous Survey of Birds in an Expanding City

The Ottawa Bird Count needs your help in 2016

Please consider volunteering with our Point Count Program:

The routes in this map, are the high priority routes for 2016

If you can donate a few hours of your time, you can adopt one of these routes and help us reach our goals for our 10-year anniversary in 2017

2016 High priority point count routes

Also new for 2016! Now even beginner and novice birders can adopt a point count route!

Thanks to some generous donations, we have purchased some high-quality, stereo audio recorders that beginner and novice birders can use to conduct point counts, without worrying about their ID-skills (an expert birder will listen to the recordings afterwards). If you're interested please contact the coordinator.

Instructions for doing point counts with an audio recorder

Poster for 2016 Bird Song course

Chirps, tweets and trills was a great success again this year. Watch our website in later winter for next year's class

You can also follow up on twitter if you have an account:

How Many Birds Does Ottawa Have

Adam C. Smith

OBC Coordinator

Links to OBC Programs

Nest-Monitoring Program:


Have you found a bird's nest? Tell us about it. Enter your nest observations online - it only takes 5 minutes. You can easily register yourself online. (You'll see that permission for the Nest Monitoring Program is greyed out with a checkmark - all OBC registrants ae automatically signed up for this program.)

Census Plot Program:


The online database is filling up. We're working on a summary of the census plot program. Have a look at some of the results from the first season . More details on this program and how you can volunteer are on the OBC Census Plot Program web page.

Point Count Program:


The spring 2009 issue of the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club newsletter (Trail and Landscape) contains a short summary of the OBC Point Count Program and some preliminary maps for 2007 and 2008 are available here.

OBC Results (from 2007 to 2014)


OBC in the Media and Print


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