Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory Saturday, 26 May 2018 8:01 am  
Liv Monck-Whipp
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Liv Monck-Whipp

Degree in progress: Masters
Supervisor: Dr. Lenore Fahrig

My Research:

Relevance of landscape heterogeneity to bat diversity and abundance in agricultural Eastern Ontario

I am a Master's student working with Dr. Lenore Fahrig on the Farmland Biodiversity Project. As agriculture represents a significant percentage of human land use, even a small change it's ability to support biodiversity could have large conservation repercussions. By investigating a variety of taxa the Farmland Biodiversity Project will hopefully develop broad guidelines for farmers wishing to support biodiversity on their lands.

My research specifically investigates the effects of crop diversity and average field size on bat diversity and abundance in Eastern Ontario farmland. I conducted acoustic sampling of bat echolocation calls in agricultural landscapes surrounding rural Ottawa, and identified the activity levels of different species at each site. I am seeking to understand which characteristics of an agricultural landscape are beneficial to bat communities.

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