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The Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory (GLEL) is a Carleton University Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) laboratory founded in 2004. The focus of the GLEL is to advance habitat modelling/mapping and species conservation science through a synergistic integration of the research experience in Geomatics and Landscape Ecology of its members.


Dr. Lenore Fahrig (Biology)
Dr. Doug King (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Dr. Kathryn Lindsay (Adjunct Research Professor, Departments of Biology, and Geography and Environmental Studies)
Dr. Scott Mitchell (Geography and Environmental Studies)

Dr. Joseph Bennett (Department of Biology and Institute of Environmental Science)

More details here (presented to the CRSS, April 2005).

What is Landscape Ecology?
What is Geomatics?

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Iacona, G., Maloney, R. F., Chad├Ęs, I., Bennett, J. R., Seddon, P. J., and Possingham, H. P.. 2017. Prioritising revived species: What are the conservation management implications of de-extinction? Functional Ecology. : . [DOI] [PDF]

Jackson ND, and L Fahrig. 2016. Habitat amount, not habitat configuration, best predicts population genetic structure in fragmented landscapes. Landscape Ecology. 31: 951-968. [PDF]

Dingle Robertson, Laura, D J King and C Davies . 2015. Object-based image analysis of optical and radar variables for wetland evaluation. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 36: 5811-5841. [DOI] [PDF]

Garrah, E, R. K. Danby, E. Eberhardt, G.M. Cunnington, and S. Mitchell . 2015. Hot Spots and Hot Times: Wildlife Road Mortality in a Regional Conservation Corridor. Environmental Management. 56(4): 874-889. [DOI]

Pasher, Jon, S W Mitchell, D J King, L Fahrig, A C Smith, and K E Lindsay. 2013. Optimizing landscape selection for estimating relative effects of landscape variables on ecological responses. Landscape Ecology. 28(3): 371-383. [DOI] [PDF]


The GLEL website (and the Ottawa Breeding Bird Count website) are currently undergoing some renovations. If you find a broken link, please feel free to email current webmaster Scott to let him know.

Two GLEL Graduate students have published a brochure on amphibian conservation. Download a copy here!

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